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Ultraviolet Light Can Help Remove Bacteria in Your Water

Bacteria in your water system often is not noticed until it is too late. While the wrong types of minerals in your water can result in unpleasant tastes and can damage your pipes, bacteria in your water can be dangerous because it can make those who drink it more prone to certain illnesses. Problems that  Continue Reading »

How WaterCop Systems Benefit Home-Owners

WaterCop is an Automatic Water Shutoff System that helps homeowners be protected from potential water damage. The system works 24/7 to protect the home from floods. The WaterCop system works with wired and wireless flood sensors, wall switches, and most home security and home automation systems. There are many benefits of the WaterCop system, including  Continue Reading »

The Best Water Filter for Your Bathroom

Having a long and hot shower can be quite refreshing and totally calm. However, based on the kind of water you have in your house, showering can be quite scary. This is why it is crucial for you to install the best shower water filter in your bathroom. How to find a good water filter  Continue Reading »

What Causes Hard Water and How Do I Get Rid of It?

What is Hard Water? While all water coming out of the faucet usually appears clear and clean, you’ve probably heard people talk about how “hard” or “soft” it is without necessarily knowing what they mean or what the ramifications of hard water can be. How hard water is can be determined by the number of  Continue Reading »

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Whole Home Water Filtration System

There are many reasons why you need to consider a whole home water filtration system to solve common problems in the home. At Metro Water Filter, we want to help you design and build the system that will give you the high-quality water you deserve and resolve these issues and more: Your home is built  Continue Reading »

The Importance of Water Filtration in the Restaurant Industry

Water is the most important substance in our bodies and it is the most important ingredient in your restaurant’s success. Water quality affects your food’s taste and it extends the life of your commercial appliances. Below we will discuss why a quality water filtration system should be a priority for every restaurant owner. What is  Continue Reading »

Five Simple Questions to Evaluate The Quality of Your Water

From cooking our meals to cleaning our houses and clothing to nourishing our bodies, there is no denying that water is a precious commodity in our daily lives. Regardless of whether your pipes are connected to a private well or a city water supply, when you turn on the faucet, you need to be able  Continue Reading »

Benefits of Acid Water Filters

Acidic water is a very destructive force that all homeowners and businesses should be cautious and prepared for. Acid water is water that has been tested to have a pH lower than 6.8. Neutral water, or safe water, has a pH of 7. Acid Water Could… Eat away at pipes (both metal and plastic) Cause  Continue Reading »

Is It Okay to Drink Well Water?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 15% of Americans rely on well water as a source of drinking water. There are many benefits to using a well to access drinking water, with one of the main ones being that it is cost efficient. However, many people have concerns when it comes to drinking water  Continue Reading »

The Earth’s Extremes: Where is the purest and the dirtiest water in the world?

When you think of naturally clean water, chances are glacial water in the arctic will come to mind. Think about all the water bottle companies whose brand have a snowy mountain or glacier on the bottle: Aquafina, Ice Mountain, Evian to name a few. The purest natural water ever recorded to date was found in  Continue Reading »

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