Metro Water Filter is Thankful for You!

November comes as a time to begin truly reflecting on a year quickly going by.  It’s a wonderful time to focus on what we all have so much to be thankful for.  We are grateful to have some of the best clients out there.  You all are what make our jobs so enjoyable!  We love being able to help you achieve what you want with the water in your home.  Clients who want to have something done right by a professional and maintained at a high-level long term.  We really want to say a huge thank you to those of you who choose to allow us to work with you!

The Difference at Metro Water Filter

When you choose to work with Metro Water Filter, we want to help you understand the process and what we can achieve with your water.  We want to shoot you straight and give real expectations.  We want you to be comfortable throughout the process from initial contact, to install, to ongoing service.    We have noticed that in the filtration business, not all companies choose to do business this way.  Many companies we hear about want to convince you that you have a problem that you didn’t even know about!  We have seen this occur, for example, several times when companies choose to push a water softener… only the water isn’t actually hard.  Or, we hear of so many companies out there that want to push a specific product related more to preference… rather than allowing the client options to choose.  We strive to be different; to help educate our clients and allow them to make confident decisions.

Using the Golden Rule

Another unfortunate thing we often hear about in the filtration world is companies who seem obsessed with bashing or lying about their competition while at your home to try to get you to sign on the spot (oftentimes that competition, being us).  It seems the Golden Rule is no longer a thing in business.  We often gain customers from this… because they simply think “something is not right about this…”, so they call us and experience quite the opposite of what this other company says.  Word of advice- if you have a company come out to meet with you in regard to any project at your home and it seems they want to talk about a different company more than their own, that should concern you.  Why not focus on why your company is the best option?  Do you not have the track record or feel confident enough in your own team to say that?

Why Metro Water Filter

At Metro Water Filter we strive to be the standard by which all other companies are measured.  We genuinely believe that we are the best option out there for our clients.  We do our absolute best to provide the best possible products combined with the best possible installation and service we can.  And we know that customer service must be top of mind in all aspects of our business.  So again, we want to say thank you so much to our valued clients who make our team smile every day.