Water Testing

We provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your drinking water is free of harmful contaminants. We have developed water testing services that address a variety of residential and commercial concerns. Whether your water comes from a private well or from a public water supply, we have water testing packages that will help you determine the water quality in your home. With over thirty years of experience we will be able to address your filtration needs and come up with a system that will ensure top quality drinking water.

Water Filtration System Installation

We will provide full instillation service for all of your water filtration needs. Our expert staff has years of experience with installing filtration systems. Each filtration system is designed and equipped for your specific needs.

Water Filtration System Preventative Maintenance

At Metro Water Filtration we stand by our products and guarantee customer satisfaction. We will provide regular water filtration system preventive maintenance to ensure that our products are operating properly at all times. This service includes inspection of the tanks, review and re-calibration of settings, water testing, adding minerals, and changing filters. We offer a discounted service cost to our customers who take advantage of our quarterly programs. Call today for details and ensure you and your family have the best quality of water possible.

Water Filtration System Repairs

Should any problem arise with your water filtration system we will gladly assess and repair any and all dysfunctional equipment. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Water Filtration System Replacement Parts

Metro Water Filtration provides all the top brands and products in water filtration parts. If you need new parts or replacement parts for your filtration system please we can help provide what you need.

Salt Delivery and Refill Services

We provide scheduled or will-call water softener salt, potassium chloride and I. R. A. N. (Iron Reducer Acid Neutralizer). We can simply deliver or refill your salt barrel for you.