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Clean Water For Your Property

Metro Water Filter offers our filtration services to residents and business owners in Georgia who feel like they may benefit from any of our service offerings. We are a customer-centric and service-centric company focused on providing the knowledge and guidance necessary to make an informed decision about next steps for water treatment. Metro Water Filter is proud to be the only water filtration company in Georgia that does not make our customers feel obligated to purchase. Our approach is to give you accurate information and allow you the time and space you need to make a decision that is best for you and your property, without pressure from our team. You can learn more about the services we offer below, or feel free to reach out to us if you would like one of our water filtration experts to come out and assist you. 

Water Consultation

The water experts at Metro Water Filter strive to provide reliable and factual information to the residents and business owners of Georgia. We pride ourselves in maintaining ethical practices and integrity with all of our customers and are committed to these principles beginning with our first conversation. Most of our staff are service professionals because we find that our customers are most satisfied when we offer a service-heavy interaction, rather than sales-heavy interaction. If you have questions or concerns about your water and you feel like you may benefit with a consultation with one of our water experts, we are happy to assist without making you feel obligated to purchase something that you may not need. 

Drinking Water Testing 

We provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their drinking water is free of harmful contaminants. We have developed water testing services that address a variety of residential and commercial concerns. If you suspect something may be concerning with your water, you may benefit from a conversation with one of our experts. We would be happy to visit your property and test your water so you have the information you need to make an informed decision for next steps. Whether your water comes from private well water or from a public water supply, we have testing packages that will help you determine the water quality in your home. With over thirty years of experience we will be able to address your filtration needs and, if requested, we can come up with a system that will ensure top quality water.

Water Filtration System Installation

We provide full-service installation for new water filtration products in residential and commercial properties. We are proud to be known as Georgia’s number one water filtration company due to our reputation of exceptional customer service. If you have decided that your property would benefit from one of our water filtration solutions, such as a chlorinator, reverse osmosis, water softeners, or sediment filters, we are ready to provide the most reliable service options from installation to maintenance. We provide fully equipped water purifying solutions with comprehensive support and installation so our customers don’t have to worry about anything. Our expert staff can have your water filter installed quickly. Filtration systems are customized to the specifications you require. Our staff will gladly discuss all of the different options and explain what each one does. If you’re wondering about common questions and concerns people see with their water, check out our FAQ page. Our #1 goal is for you to have clean, pure water.

Water Filtration System Preventative Maintenance

Metro Water Filter stands by our products and service options to ensure customer satisfaction. We provide options for regular preventive maintenance to ensure that our products are operating properly at all times. This includes inspection of the tanks, review and re-calibration of settings, water testing, adding minerals, and changing filters. We offer a discounted cost to our customers who take advantage of our quarterly programs. Call today for details and ensure you and your family have the best quality of water possible. Our subscription plans can range for any timeframe and include monthly, quarterly, or annual options. We also have a pay-as-you-go plan. 

System Repairs for Water Filters

Should any problem arise with your water filtration systems, we will gladly assess and repair any and all dysfunctional equipment. Our system repair begins with an analysis of the current water condition. This involves diagnosing the cause for the disruption of clean water to your home or business. Most repairs are done within a few days. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Replacement Parts for Filtration Systems

Metro Water provides all the top brands and products in water filtration parts. If you need new parts or replacement parts for your filtration systems we have you covered. We stock a large variety of replacement parts so you don’t have to wait long if something needs to be replaced. If we do have to order parts for your particular issue, we can usually receive the part and have it replaced within a few days.

Water Salt Delivery and Refill Services

We provide scheduled or will-call water softener salt, potassium chloride and I. R. A. N. (Iron Reducer Acid Neutralizer). We can simply deliver or refill your salt barrel for you, or you are welcome to pick up the refill you need from our facility. 

Water System Inspection

Metro Water Filter expert service providers offer inspections for your home or business water system. In addition to water testing, we can inspect your well or city water system to help you determine if anything out of the ordinary is occurring or if any additional steps need to be taken before or after a water filtration system is installed. If upgrades or repairs are necessary, MWF has a master plumber on staff that can help with those services if you don’t want to hire a separate plumbing company. 

Emergency Service

Metro Water Filter understands that the water in your home or business is an essential part of your day-to-day living and operations. If something comes up with your water filtration system that needs attention quickly, contact us to see if any of our service staff are available for an emergency visit. 

Support Services & Next Steps

If you have a service related question, it is helpful if you are able to answer the following questions when you call so we can be prepared to help quickly:

  • What symptoms are you noticing with your water? 
  • Where does the problem appear to begin?
  • What is the current water level in the tank?
  • Any other important information to note.

Contact us at 1 (888) MWATER-5 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.