Metro Water Filtration

At Metro Water Filter we strive to be the best we can be and raise the bar in the filtration industry.   We want to be the filtration company by which all other filtration companies are measured.  Today we will talk about how we strive to do this in two important areas: products and workmanship. 

Metro Water Products

First, this certainly goes for product. We want to offer the best possible products for our clients. One of the key ways we ensure we are able to do this is by being an independent dealer, rather than a branded or proprietary company. With over 7,000 clients covering roughly half the state of Georgia (and beyond) and many years of experience, we have had the privilege to work on most any type of systems you can think of. Some we installed, some we did not, and were asked to take over ongoing service. The systems we choose to continue to professionally recommend and sell are the ones that continue to show themselves to be the best. We are able to monitor things such as the amount of callbacks, warranty claims, issues, ongoing service, and longevity of a large number of systems in the real world. We see what really works and works best in the long term. Lots of products will deliver in the short term, but not so many for years and years to come. We strive to be the company that’s providing long-term value for our clients and their water.

Metro water Workmanship

Next, this also applies to workmanship. This really can go for the whole experience no doubt, from initial sales to install to ongoing service. But the area we will focus on today is the initial installation. Water filtration installation is no different than any trade out there- you can always get something done for less. Especially when there is no set standard or barriers to entry into this field. You aren’t required to be a licensed, Master plumber (even though our lead installer is). You aren’t required to have X number of years of experience, or the ability to work with and match a current plumbing setup. Unfortunately, many filtration companies look at the install as the less important aspect. They often use a push to connect fitting and whatever is easiest to get the job done. These are the same companies that seem to only have stock photos to show clients on a sales visit, rather than their own installations to show off. We are not that company! We strive to have our workmanship match or exceed what surrounds it. We have the ability to go much further than push-to-fit connects. We can do everything from pex to plastic, to copper propress, and even the old school sweat copper or “soldering”. We want our clients to know they can show off our work, and hope they love it as much as we do!