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Regardless of the quality construction of homes and properties, water leaks are bound to happen. And when they do, leaks can cause severe damage to a home, business, or property before it’s even discovered. There is a solution and it’s a lot more affordable than having to repair water damage. It’s called FloLogic Smart Leak Detection, and Metro Water Filtration offers it to you! With the FloLogic Leak Detection System in place, you can monitor water flow at the defined start and stop points and be notified immediately if your property has any leaks. The FloLogic System even interfaces with water softeners, irrigation systems, pool fill valves and reverse osmosis filters for a complete monitoring unit and utilizes reliable ball valve auto-exercise to ensure water shutoff when instructed to do so.

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Once you install the CONNECT enabled app-based control on your phone, you can monitor low temp alerts, continuous flows as small as half an ounce and proactively shutoff water if a problem is detected, alerting the property owner locally and remotely in real-time through the CONNECT FloLogic app. 


FloLogic System Standard Features


  • Available in 1”, 1.5” and 2” valves with fittings on both ends of the Valve
  • Certified to NSF 61-8
  • Less than 3 PSI pressure drop at 30 GPM flow. Under 5 PSI pressure drop at 50 GPM
  • When AC power is interrupted, System Battery provides power for up to 7 days
  • Includes security system and building automation interfaces via dry contacts as a standard feature
  • 50-foot Communication Cable connects Valve and Control Panel—can be extended up to 1,000 feet
  • FloLogic constantly monitors every facet of the plumbing supply to catch virtually all leaks
  • Capable of constantly detecting leaks starting as small as ½ ounce per minute
  • Leaks are automatically stopped as soon as flow times violate Home or Away Settings
  • Also monitors for critically low temperatures and shuts off before pipes can freeze
  • 12v Battery backup ensures there is zero downtime during power outages and provides power for up to 7 days
  • Best in class 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • USA made with solid, lead free, cast bronze construction with full-port stainless steel ball
  • Qualifies for insurance premium discounts from many companies
  • Compatible & includes backwash sensor to allow filtration equipment to be monitored
  • Installed by a Licensed, Master Plumber


The WaterCop® Pro Indoor System features addressable sensors, a user interface with an LED screen, and flexible installation options. WaterCop® Pro Indoor Systems are preferred for single family, multi-family, condominium or commercial use where combinations of hardwired, wireless, rope and pressure sensors communicate with a Control Panel and hardwired actuator. WaterCop® Pro provides the most complete plumbing leak protection while offering the most flexible installation options and third party monitoring/security integration or an optional SmartConnect WiFi device with free WaterCop mobile app.


Receive mobile alerts and control your WaterCop system using the WaterCop app on a phone or tablet. SmartConnect is compatible with Classic, Pro and LeakStop+ systems.
There is  24/7 remote mobile control and access to your WaterCop system and it is WiFi compatible. It will also send you mobile alerts about power outages so you can make sure to get back online and not skip a beat when it comes to any possible leaks. 

Standard Features

• NSF/ANSI 372* approved lead-free brass, full flow, 600 psi rated industrial valve
• Sizes ½” – 1 ¼” standard (1 ½” to 4″ large valve integration available)
• Wireless sensors
• Single or dual wireless leak, rope and pressure sensors available
• Fully supervised and addressable sensors alert upon water detection, power lost, low battery, and sensor short/open
• 10′ white sensor cord with corrosion-resistant gold-plated prongs
• Multisense hub supports up to 45 wireless leak sensors (90 point detection) or 8 hardwired sensors per control panel
• Wireless sensor signal can be enhanced for longer distances (Part No. WPR)
• Local open/close water control
• Can be used for above grade or below grade
• Connection cable is not direct burial rated