Paying to Replace Your Filtration System

Pick Quality over Quantity

In the water filtration world we see and hear all kinds of stories. There are a lot of companies that decide to give filtration a try, since they already do something related to water, no big deal, right? This might be a plumber, a well company, or even a handyman. “It can’t be that complicated.”, they might think, not knowing the complexities and necessities that arise with the initial diagnosis, install, and the ongoing long-term service needs of a system. This might also be a company that decides to go into the industry with a very heavy sales approach. We see these companies, some big, some small, and hear about how pushy they are and how oftentimes the salesperson won’t even consider where a system is being installed. We’ve heard customers tell us that they even asked these salespeople after their heavy sales pitch, “hey, don’t you want to actually see where a system might go?”, and have them respond, “that’s not my job”. Leave it to the unlicensed slightly trained installer to figure that out. That’s not exactly a team mentality! At Metro Water Filter we do truly strive to be the best team possible, because we want to provide the best products and service for you, long term! We aren’t about making a quick buck and wishing you good luck! No, our approach is quality before quantity. It’s service before sales. It’s consulting not high pressure.

Doing it right the first time

A recent example is a new client on a lake in North Georgia. This client, and their cleaning company, were complaining about the water even though they already had a very well-known company install a system. We went out to do a site visit and found there was indeed a system, but there were several issues. To name just a few: 1) the system was vastly undersized for the home. So, it was doing some work some of the time, but it flat out could not keep up with what was needed. 2). The system was not set up to take care of all the issues with the water, only part of it. The client had specific concerns such as hard water and bacteria control that weren’t addressed whatsoever, even when they were brought up by the client as an issue! 3). The backwash line, which is how self-cleaning systems dump water into a waste line or to outside the home, was “direct tapped” into a waste line in the utility room. What this means is that if the client ever has a back up of the septic /waste line, it would find its way back into the water filtration system. You can imagine why that’s a bad thing for you and your home.

We at Metro Water Filter, assessed the situation and did advanced testing through a 3rd party lab to confirm our recommendations. We then sent a professional and thorough quote via email for the client to consider. The client quickly approved, and we scheduled installation. We replaced the old system and installed what was actually needed, and we did so with our Licensed Master Plumber doing the work correctly. You can see the difference below.

Recommendation paid off

But wait, as if that wasn’t enough, there’s more. While we were there, we also installed a FloLogic Automatic Leak Detection System for the home. This is a system that constantly keeps a close watch on the flow in the home and shuts the water off if there is a leak. While still at the home and just after installing the system, the FloLogic kept cutting off the water. Our install crew started searching the home and, sure enough, found (heard) an active leak behind a wall in a walk-in tiled shower! The FloLogic system saved the clients an untold amount of repair cost and headache within minutes of being installed!

Thank you from Metro Water Filter

We at Metro Water Filter are never going to be the low cost provider, that is simply not who we are. You can always find a way to do something for less money. We instead desire to be the best company out there, providing the best possible products and service for our clients, long term. We are truly working to raise the bar when it comes to professionalism in an industry that seems to focus on anything but that. We want to provide our clients with professional consultation, installation, and ongoing service. And we are sincerely thankful that 7,000+ clients trust us to do so!

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