Well Drillers: Water Quality and Water Filtration

We are always happy to be able to connect with potential clients about their water, and specifically today we’d like to talk about well water.    Oftentimes, after being in contact with clients, we will hear a comment which goes a little like this, “Man I sure am glad we found y’all (MWF)!”     It is all too common for someone to have a well, whether new or old, and at the first sign of a water quality or water filtration issue, they automatically think “Well, I better call my well company.”     Well drillers are great at what they do, and what an extremely unique field they are in!   They have a lot of knowledge specifically related to all the aspects of drilling a well: where best to set up, running the drilling rig operation, finding the right amount of water for their clients, properly packing/ sealing the casing, setting the pump, and installing the pressure tank, just to name some of what they have to do.  There is much involved in being a licensed, certified well driller.   We certainly appreciate what well drillers do for their clients; we know it’s not an easy task.  

Metro Water Filter: Water Quality and Water Filtration

I had a very wise well driller once say to me, “I let my clients know I will get them the water quantity they need, but the water quality is not guaranteed or related to me in any way.”    That may seem a bit abrupt, but this gentleman is simply setting honest and proper expectations upfront.   There is no way to know or guarantee the quality of water that your well will have until it’s completed.    Just like a well driller is in his own field of expertise, so is a high quality Water Filtration company when it comes to the quality of water you desire.   When you think water quality, think Metro Water Filter.   We specialize in consulting and providing the custom filtration that our clients need and deserve.  Here, we are set up to provide the “after the sale” service long term, which is our main focus because that’s what our clients want. Metro Water Filter doesn’t dabble in filtration because we happen to be given a call, which may be true if you’re calling someone whose expertise is primarily focused somewhere else.  When you hire a water filtration specialist, your water quality, both short and long term, should be prioritized.   In the short term, initial water testing and evaluation of exactly what is needed will be performed. This is certainly crucial and not always as clear cut as it seems, as there are many variables and issues that could arise from different contaminants and variables with the water.   In the long term, this means having the experience and expertise to guarantee the results and provide the long term service needed for years (and decades) to come.  

Well Water and Quality 

Here are a few summarizing ideas in conclusion:

  • Just as well drillers are great at drilling wells, Metro Water Filter is great at water filtration.
  • Test your water BEFORE you see an issue, to avoid costly issues in your home. Also, many potential hazards have little to no effect on the taste, look, or feel of the water, such as bacteria.
  • Make sure you’re hiring a company that can meet your needs with a guarantee and desire to provide the service and products needed to keep your filtration system at its peak for years, if not decades, to come. Our combined service experience is now over 40 years and counting. We at Metro Water Filtration are “service heavy” with our service department far outweighing our sales department. 
  • Look for a company that wants to partner with you and educate you on well water quality, not a pushy sleazy sales person. We at MWF are more than happy to just have a conversation with you just to help you understand what things you should consider or know about a private well.
  • Hire a company that handles well water quality on a daily basis, not just every once in a while. We at Metro Water Filter have over 7,000 clients, with a majority being on well water. 

Call us at 543-6546 or contact Metro Water Filter today and let us help you decide the best course of action for the quality of your well water.