We Treat Water Right.

Working With General Contractors and Builders across North Georgia

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We work with General Contractors and Builders across North Georgia

At Metro Water Filter we are appreciative of the many great Homebuilders and General Contractors we get to work with. Whether it’s a small cabin in the North Georgia mountains on a well system, or a Luxury Estate in the greater Atlanta area on city water; we are here to serve you and your clients. No matter the size of the home or the source of the water. In today’s world, homeowners are increasingly becoming aware of the many benefits filtered water has to their bodies and their home’s plumbing system. Metro Water is not a fly-by-night company, but rather we have the best products and service to add the value that builders and homeowners will benefit from. We match the home’s plumbing and provide the best setup with our installer being an experienced Licensed, Master Plumber. Believe it or not, this is not the norm in the water filtration world! We also have the guarantees and warranty coupled with the unmatched service experience to ensure happy homeowners. If you are a Custom Home Builder or General Contractor and would like to consider adding an additional trusted trade to your contacts, we would love the opportunity to talk with you. Please reach out to learn more about us and our team.

Professional Service with a Personal Touch

The Metro Water Mission

When you hire Metro Water Filter, you should know our mission is to provide the best possible products and service for our clients. For us, this equates to what is best long-term. As we know, most customers really need a solution that’s going to provide the best results over the years to come. By default this means that we will not be the cheapest option out there as that does not fit our mission, let alone our business model. We have Wade Hensley, a licensed master plumber, for installation on staff since 2010. We have a service department with unmatched experience. We are ‘service heavy’, meaning we have way more employees in our service department than in sales. We know the upfront sale is important, and we strive to do that in a honest and exceptional manner. Being there for our clients when their systems needs routine or eventually, major maintenance, has to be a vital part of a company and our mission statement.

Just Filtration

We aren’t a plumbing or well company that happens to decide to make a quick buck off a client.. we aren’t a sales heavy company only interested in getting your hard earned money on a quick sale. Instead, we are Metro Water Filter and we focus on filtration only. We do our best to provide professional service with a personal touch. And we hope to earn your business!

Not All Filters Are The Same

Not all filters are the same!

Home water filters from Metro Water Filtration

What do all of these filters have in common? All could be considered “Whole Home” Filters. When you get ready to look into filtration options for your family, be sure to choose a company that is honest and transparent about what they are selling you. What quality is the system: inside and out? Do they have long-term experience to prove the results they promise, and is there a guarantee?

When you choose Metro Water Filter, you…


Metro Water is there for you whatever  the need is when it comes to your water. We will make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your home and its water. If its needing water softeners, water purifiers, or supplies to keep you safe like leak detectors and water control vales, Metro has you covered. Call us today and find out how we can help! 


Metro Water Filter: FAQ

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Metro Water Filter Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Mission Statement & Core Values?
Our Mission Statement is to provide the best possible water treatment equipment and service to our clients. We strive to be the standard by which all other water treatment companies are measured. We promise to deliver on our mission by upholding these Core Values: Honesty, Integrity, Dependability, Consistency, Respect, Service, Professionalism, Efficiency, Commitment, Creativity, Passion, & Education.

Tell me a little about your company and its history?
We have been operating at Lake Oconee since 2004 and serve clients across North Georgia and beyond! We don’t dabble in filtration; it continues to be our sole occupation. We are a local, American owned company proud to serve our clients with unmatched professionalism! We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating. We encourage you to check us out on Google!

Are you a branded/proprietary dealer?
No, we are not! We are happy to say we are an Independent dealer. This allows us to not be tied to any particular brand – for better or for worse. Rather, we use our long-term experience to ensure we are offering the best possible systems available on the market for our customers. You deserve no less!

What happens when I first contact MWF?
You will be received by our friendly office staff who are happy to assist you. They will connect you with the appropriate Sales Rep to discuss how we can best serve you. Our sales team has 20+ years of experience in filtration and consists of Jon Frketic, Jared Norton, & Stephanie Kelly. We strive to replace high pressure sales with listening, educating, and providing honest options and solutions that fit your needs. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Isn’t that what you really want?

What about water testing?
We offer basic water testing and consultation in house. We are glad to help with more advanced testing through the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Lab, which is nonprofit and state certified. This gives our clients confidence about their water and that the test results are honest and accurate.

Who does the actual install & service work?
So glad you asked! Wade Hensley is our Install Manager and is a Licensed, Master Plumber. He has been a part of the team since 2010. Mike McSherry leads our service department as our Customer Service Manager and has been a part of the team since the start in 2004! Talk about experience!

Speaking of service, will I be locked into a service contract?
No, we do not lock you in to a service contract! We pride ourselves in earning your business each and every time. Our local labor charge for a service call is $95. When you work with us locally on an ongoing quarterly basis, the 4th quarter labor charge is free to you as a thank you for your business!


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What is the Best Water

Metro Water’s Promise

The Holiday Season is in full swing as the year is quickly coming to a close. We hope that this season will be a refreshing time and also a reminder to focus on the people who matter most to us.  None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, let’s appreciate each day as a gift! One of the things we try to do at Metro Water Filter is to truly treat others as we would want to be treated. We talk about it often; that we want to be honest with our clients (or potential clients) about their water and what they want or need from it.

What Water is Better: Filtered vs Non-Filtered

One example of this can be drinking water and taste preference. Clients will often ask, “what is the best drinking water?” or “What is going to taste the best?”. Many companies seem to want to tell people what they should want, to both of those questions. The reality is, both are subjective.  The best drinking water is a question that Doctors and experts have very strong differences of opinion on. For some, they believe that drinking RO water is not necessarily the best as your body benefits from getting minerals from water. For others, they believe that RO water is the only way to go as there is no better filtration option out there to make the water as pure as possible. Our answer? Well.., we are here to accomplish what you are looking for, no matter which side of the discussion you fall on. Whichever way you, as being our valued client, decide is best for you and your family, is exactly what we strive to achieve for you. And as far as taste goes, there is a reason why there are numerous amount of  bottled water companies out there.  Each persons palette and taste preference can be vastly different! Some can tell the slightest change to the water, some think water just tastes like water regardless of mineral content!

Why Metro Water Filtration

In an industry where many companies seem to be looking to get their foot in the door and convince you that you need something you may not actually need, we strive to be different. We are here to help you accomplish what you desire for you and those that matter the most to you, your family.  We truly appreciate you choosing us to help you with your water along the way!

Metro Water Filter is Thankful

Metro Water Filter is Thankful for You!

November comes as a time to begin truly reflecting on a year quickly going by.  It’s a wonderful time to focus on what we all have so much to be thankful for.  We are grateful to have some of the best clients out there.  You all are what make our jobs so enjoyable!  We love being able to help you achieve what you want with the water in your home.  Clients who want to have something done right by a professional and maintained at a high-level long term.  We really want to say a huge thank you to those of you who choose to allow us to work with you!

The Difference at Metro Water Filter

When you choose to work with Metro Water Filter, we want to help you understand the process and what we can achieve with your water.  We want to shoot you straight and give real expectations.  We want you to be comfortable throughout the process from initial contact, to install, to ongoing service.    We have noticed that in the filtration business, not all companies choose to do business this way.  Many companies we hear about want to convince you that you have a problem that you didn’t even know about!  We have seen this occur, for example, several times when companies choose to push a water softener… only the water isn’t actually hard.  Or, we hear of so many companies out there that want to push a specific product related more to preference… rather than allowing the client options to choose.  We strive to be different; to help educate our clients and allow them to make confident decisions.

Using the Golden Rule

Another unfortunate thing we often hear about in the filtration world is companies who seem obsessed with bashing or lying about their competition while at your home to try to get you to sign on the spot (oftentimes that competition, being us).  It seems the Golden Rule is no longer a thing in business.  We often gain customers from this… because they simply think “something is not right about this…”, so they call us and experience quite the opposite of what this other company says.  Word of advice- if you have a company come out to meet with you in regard to any project at your home and it seems they want to talk about a different company more than their own, that should concern you.  Why not focus on why your company is the best option?  Do you not have the track record or feel confident enough in your own team to say that?

Why Metro Water Filter

At Metro Water Filter we strive to be the standard by which all other companies are measured.  We genuinely believe that we are the best option out there for our clients.  We do our absolute best to provide the best possible products combined with the best possible installation and service we can.  And we know that customer service must be top of mind in all aspects of our business.  So again, we want to say thank you so much to our valued clients who make our team smile every day.    

The Best Water Filtration Company

Metro Water Filtration

At Metro Water Filter we strive to be the best we can be and raise the bar in the filtration industry.   We want to be the filtration company by which all other filtration companies are measured.  Today we will talk about how we strive to do this in two important areas: products and workmanship. 

Metro Water Products

First, this certainly goes for product. We want to offer the best possible products for our clients. One of the key ways we ensure we are able to do this is by being an independent dealer, rather than a branded or proprietary company. With over 7,000 clients covering roughly half the state of Georgia (and beyond) and many years of experience, we have had the privilege to work on most any type of systems you can think of. Some we installed, some we did not, and were asked to take over ongoing service. The systems we choose to continue to professionally recommend and sell are the ones that continue to show themselves to be the best. We are able to monitor things such as the amount of callbacks, warranty claims, issues, ongoing service, and longevity of a large number of systems in the real world. We see what really works and works best in the long term. Lots of products will deliver in the short term, but not so many for years and years to come. We strive to be the company that’s providing long-term value for our clients and their water.

Metro water Workmanship

Next, this also applies to workmanship. This really can go for the whole experience no doubt, from initial sales to install to ongoing service. But the area we will focus on today is the initial installation. Water filtration installation is no different than any trade out there- you can always get something done for less. Especially when there is no set standard or barriers to entry into this field. You aren’t required to be a licensed, Master plumber (even though our lead installer is). You aren’t required to have X number of years of experience, or the ability to work with and match a current plumbing setup. Unfortunately, many filtration companies look at the install as the less important aspect. They often use a push to connect fitting and whatever is easiest to get the job done. These are the same companies that seem to only have stock photos to show clients on a sales visit, rather than their own installations to show off. We are not that company! We strive to have our workmanship match or exceed what surrounds it. We have the ability to go much further than push-to-fit connects. We can do everything from pex to plastic, to copper propress, and even the old school sweat copper or “soldering”. We want our clients to know they can show off our work, and hope they love it as much as we do!


Paying to Replace Your Filtration System

Paying to Replace Your Filtration System

Pick Quality over Quantity

In the water filtration world we see and hear all kinds of stories. There are a lot of companies that decide to give filtration a try, since they already do something related to water, no big deal, right? This might be a plumber, a well company, or even a handyman. “It can’t be that complicated.”, they might think, not knowing the complexities and necessities that arise with the initial diagnosis, install, and the ongoing long-term service needs of a system. This might also be a company that decides to go into the industry with a very heavy sales approach. We see these companies, some big, some small, and hear about how pushy they are and how oftentimes the salesperson won’t even consider where a system is being installed. We’ve heard customers tell us that they even asked these salespeople after their heavy sales pitch, “hey, don’t you want to actually see where a system might go?”, and have them respond, “that’s not my job”. Leave it to the unlicensed slightly trained installer to figure that out. That’s not exactly a team mentality! At Metro Water Filter we do truly strive to be the best team possible, because we want to provide the best products and service for you, long term! We aren’t about making a quick buck and wishing you good luck! No, our approach is quality before quantity. It’s service before sales. It’s consulting not high pressure.

Doing it right the first time

A recent example is a new client on a lake in North Georgia. This client, and their cleaning company, were complaining about the water even though they already had a very well-known company install a system. We went out to do a site visit and found there was indeed a system, but there were several issues. To name just a few: 1) the system was vastly undersized for the home. So, it was doing some work some of the time, but it flat out could not keep up with what was needed. 2). The system was not set up to take care of all the issues with the water, only part of it. The client had specific concerns such as hard water and bacteria control that weren’t addressed whatsoever, even when they were brought up by the client as an issue! 3). The backwash line, which is how self-cleaning systems dump water into a waste line or to outside the home, was “direct tapped” into a waste line in the utility room. What this means is that if the client ever has a back up of the septic /waste line, it would find its way back into the water filtration system. You can imagine why that’s a bad thing for you and your home.

We at Metro Water Filter, assessed the situation and did advanced testing through a 3rd party lab to confirm our recommendations. We then sent a professional and thorough quote via email for the client to consider. The client quickly approved, and we scheduled installation. We replaced the old system and installed what was actually needed, and we did so with our Licensed Master Plumber doing the work correctly. You can see the difference below.

Recommendation paid off

But wait, as if that wasn’t enough, there’s more. While we were there, we also installed a FloLogic Automatic Leak Detection System for the home. This is a system that constantly keeps a close watch on the flow in the home and shuts the water off if there is a leak. While still at the home and just after installing the system, the FloLogic kept cutting off the water. Our install crew started searching the home and, sure enough, found (heard) an active leak behind a wall in a walk-in tiled shower! The FloLogic system saved the clients an untold amount of repair cost and headache within minutes of being installed!

Thank you from Metro Water Filter

We at Metro Water Filter are never going to be the low cost provider, that is simply not who we are. You can always find a way to do something for less money. We instead desire to be the best company out there, providing the best possible products and service for our clients, long term. We are truly working to raise the bar when it comes to professionalism in an industry that seems to focus on anything but that. We want to provide our clients with professional consultation, installation, and ongoing service. And we are sincerely thankful that 7,000+ clients trust us to do so!

filtration system replacement

Well Water Quality and Filtration

Well Drillers: Water Quality and Water Filtration

We are always happy to be able to connect with potential clients about their water, and specifically today we’d like to talk about well water.    Oftentimes, after being in contact with clients, we will hear a comment which goes a little like this, “Man I sure am glad we found y’all (MWF)!”     It is all too common for someone to have a well, whether new or old, and at the first sign of a water quality or water filtration issue, they automatically think “Well, I better call my well company.”     Well drillers are great at what they do, and what an extremely unique field they are in!   They have a lot of knowledge specifically related to all the aspects of drilling a well: where best to set up, running the drilling rig operation, finding the right amount of water for their clients, properly packing/ sealing the casing, setting the pump, and installing the pressure tank, just to name some of what they have to do.  There is much involved in being a licensed, certified well driller.   We certainly appreciate what well drillers do for their clients; we know it’s not an easy task.  

Metro Water Filter: Water Quality and Water Filtration

I had a very wise well driller once say to me, “I let my clients know I will get them the water quantity they need, but the water quality is not guaranteed or related to me in any way.”    That may seem a bit abrupt, but this gentleman is simply setting honest and proper expectations upfront.   There is no way to know or guarantee the quality of water that your well will have until it’s completed.    Just like a well driller is in his own field of expertise, so is a high quality Water Filtration company when it comes to the quality of water you desire.   When you think water quality, think Metro Water Filter.   We specialize in consulting and providing the custom filtration that our clients need and deserve.  Here, we are set up to provide the “after the sale” service long term, which is our main focus because that’s what our clients want. Metro Water Filter doesn’t dabble in filtration because we happen to be given a call, which may be true if you’re calling someone whose expertise is primarily focused somewhere else.  When you hire a water filtration specialist, your water quality, both short and long term, should be prioritized.   In the short term, initial water testing and evaluation of exactly what is needed will be performed. This is certainly crucial and not always as clear cut as it seems, as there are many variables and issues that could arise from different contaminants and variables with the water.   In the long term, this means having the experience and expertise to guarantee the results and provide the long term service needed for years (and decades) to come.  

Well Water and Quality 

Here are a few summarizing ideas in conclusion:

  • Just as well drillers are great at drilling wells, Metro Water Filter is great at water filtration.
  • Test your water BEFORE you see an issue, to avoid costly issues in your home. Also, many potential hazards have little to no effect on the taste, look, or feel of the water, such as bacteria.
  • Make sure you’re hiring a company that can meet your needs with a guarantee and desire to provide the service and products needed to keep your filtration system at its peak for years, if not decades, to come. Our combined service experience is now over 40 years and counting. We at Metro Water Filtration are “service heavy” with our service department far outweighing our sales department. 
  • Look for a company that wants to partner with you and educate you on well water quality, not a pushy sleazy sales person. We at MWF are more than happy to just have a conversation with you just to help you understand what things you should consider or know about a private well.
  • Hire a company that handles well water quality on a daily basis, not just every once in a while. We at Metro Water Filter have over 7,000 clients, with a majority being on well water. 

Call us at 543-6546 or contact Metro Water Filter today and let us help you decide the best course of action for the quality of your well water. 

Ultraviolet Light Can Help Remove Bacteria in Your Water

Bacteria in your water system often is not noticed until it is too late. While the wrong types of minerals in your water can result in unpleasant tastes and can damage your pipes, bacteria in your water can be dangerous because it can make those who drink it more prone to certain illnesses. Problems that can develop from drinking water contaminated with bacteria include gastrointestinal issues (diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, nausea), headaches, kidney issues, and even certain types of pneumonia.

Many types of bacteria can be present in your water; however, the most dangerous forms of bacteria are fecal coliform better known as E. coli, which often results from your water being contaminated with fecal material from humans or animals. Some waterborne pathogenic diseases include typhoid fever, viral and bacterial gastroenteritis, and hepatitis A.

As you can see, bacteria contaminating your water can be very dangerous for the health of your family. Fortunately, Metro Water Filtration carries a special line of products that can help to kill these bacteria for good. Our system utilizes Ultraviolet Light to kill the bacteria in your water. That’s right – UV light can be used to kill harmful bacteria! If you or a family member has experienced any sort of sickness that could be related to water-borne bacteria, give us a call and we will install our Ultraviolet Light Bacterial Removal System. We want you to have peace of mind as you drink your water!

So, how does it work? Our Ultraviolet Light system monitors the UV bulb at all times. As long as the UV bulb is functioning at its normal level, the system allows water to enter.  The water moves down through the tank where it then enters a stainless steel exposure chamber which contains the UV bulb. Water is forced to pass close to the UV bulb where any bacteria are immediately destroyed. The water then moves up to the top of the stainless steel exposure chamber and passes from the unit, ready for drinking. 

Call Metro Water Filtration to learn more about how our Ultraviolet Light Bacteria Removal System can help to keep your water clean, safe, drinkable, and bacteria-free!


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