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Whole Home Carbon Filtration System Benefits & Features

Metro Water Filter provides whole home carbon filters to Georgia homeowners and commercial business owners that feel like they have specific concerns with the water. If you have noticed strange odors (i.e. bleach) or a chlorine-like taste, you may benefit from a conversation with one of our water specialists. Our service-centric organization is focused on educating our community about water safety and we promise to not pressure potential customers into purchasing a water filtration system that they don’t feel like they need. We are here to help guide you through the process and answer your questions about your own water system with no obligation to purchase from us. We also provide routine water filtration services and maintenance checks for your system as needed. Read more about the benefits of these filters, or feel free to reach out to us to schedule an appointment with one of our water filtration specialists.  

Benefits of an Activated Carbon Filter

carbon filters, carbon water filters

Just about anything can be in your water. As water passes through the vast system of mains, pumps, and pipes, it can pick up many contaminants. Any break in a line sucks up soil and surrounding contaminants. Pathogens, from sewage discharges and farm runoff, can enter the water when municipal pipes or water systems break down and are repaired.

  • General taste & odor filter for all your home’s water
  • Removes chlorine and helps protect against heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, etc.
  • Removes most minerals, chemicals, and sediment
  • Sized appropriately for your home to filter all the water you use
  • 1-year Metro Water Filter satisfaction guarantee
  • Installed by a master plumber & serviced by a service department with 25+ years experience

Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon Filter: Liquid phase virgin activated carbon manufactured from coconut shells and developed to have catalytic functionality. The product is unique in that it concentrates reactants via absorption and then promotes their reaction on the surface of the pores.

What’s that mean? In short, the high-quality process produces optimal performance of the media as well as longevity of the system before needing to be ‘rebed’.

This system includes

  • Clack Water Specialist Control Valve: self cleaning/backwashing system to clean the media regularly and promote longevity of the media (5-7 years on average depending on volume and water quality).
  • Clack’s 5 year parts & electronics warranty.
  • Clack Woven Fiberglass Tank with Clack’s 10 year warranty

How does our Carbon Filter work?

carbon filters, carbon water filters

Our Carbon Water Filters are filled with tiny, granular, activated carbon filings. Water enters the top of the unit and flows through the carbon bed. As the water passes through the carbon bed, the carbon attracts, traps and neutralizes the harmful chemicals that might be present in your water. In addition, any sediment or other things that might impart a bad taste to your water, is trapped in the carbon bed. Only clean, clear water is passed from the filter and into your water system.

About every 6 days the filter removes accumulated impurities that have been trapped inside. This is done by an automatic self-cleaning cyc

le called backwashing. This backwash cycle cleans the media bed, flushing any sediment and contaminants out of the filter. Once the backwash cycle has ended, the filter returns itself to normal operation.

Our backwashing process extends the life of the carbon filings by keeping their effectiveness at their maximum. Many manufacturers don’t use a backwash process. This means their carbon filter won’t last as long and it’s effectiveness at removing chemicals will diminish greatly over time. Also, trapped sediments and contaminants will not be flushed out resulting in steadily decreasing water pressure.

Over years of use, the carbon media inside the filter eventually becomes loaded and ineffective. At this time, usually every 5 years or so, the media must be removed and replenished to maintain proper and efficient operation.

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A simple water test can determine the level of chlorine in your water. Metro Water Filter offers an on-site consultation. Please give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment to test your water on site.