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Why a Water Chlorinator?
Water chlorinators provide a continuous dose of diluted chlorine into your water supply. The diluted chlorine will eliminate problems related to:

  • Bacteria – Some bacteria such as E. coli and cryptosporidium can be fatal, especially to infants and small children. With increasing frequency, ground water is becoming more and more contaminated with bacteria. The threat to our health from drinking contaminated water is more prominent than ever before.
  • Sulfur – The presence of sulfur produces a strong and distinct odor in your water.

The installation of a Water Chlorinator will render your water completely safe.
If bacteria is present in your water supply, a Chlorinator will kill all bacteria within seconds.

  • Bad sulfur odors will be removed from your water supply leaving the water that enters your home odor free.
  • You and your family can drink, wash and shower with complete confidence.

Our Residential Chlorinators require little maintenance and provide trouble free service. The periodic addition of chlorine to the holding tank, or the addition of chlorine pellets into the dispenser, are all that the system needs to operate at peak efficiency.

You might wonder why we use chlorinators when we also consider chlorine to be so bad for your health. Actually, we only use chlorinators when we have no other choice. When ever possible, we use high intensity ultraviolet lights to combat bacteria.

In some areas, State law requires that public water systems, such as are used in camps, communities, etc., treat their water with chlorine. We also run into some water problems that can only be solved through the use of chlorine. So we only use chlorine when we have no other choice.

Of course, protecting you and your family is our primary concern, so we don’t allow the chlorine to remain in your water for long. When we install the Chlorinator, we also install a 10″ or 20″ carbon cartridge filter that will remove the chlorine once it’s job is done.

A simple water test, that only takes a few minutes, can determine the level of chlorine in your water. Metro Water Filter offers an on-site consultation. Please give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment to test your water on site.

17gpd Chlorinator & Soda Ash Dosing Pump


  • Self-priming up to 25 feet and does not lose prime
  • Can pump off-gassing solutions
  • Solutions contained in tube, not exposed to pump components or air
  • Subassemblies fit together without tools; easy service or conversion to another model
  • Pump head universal
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Will not clog from dirt or debris
  • Reproducible outputs within 2%
  • Adjustable feed rate control from 5%-100% in 2.5% increments
  • Pump tubes accept a variety of chemicals