Residential Water Filtration System and Services

For homeowners who understand the danger of the contaminants that are in untreated water, Metro Water Filter is a leading supplier of residential water filtration systems who also installs and provides around the clock service and maintenance for our customers.   Unlike most fly by night dealers who operate out of their garage, Metro Water Filter is an established business with over 30 years of experience with a full-service department serving thousands of satisfied customers. 

Treat your water and it will treat you even better. Some of the benefits include a cleaner, softer clothes, and towels, more luxurious, foaming baths, extended life for appliances, faucets, and pipes, and clearer, taste and odor-free ice cubes. You’ll notice a difference with our residential water filtration system. For homes with hard water or chemical-like taste, we can remove those issues, ensuring you have clean and odorless tasting water. It will also be easier on your plumbing, your appliances, resulting in reduced long-term wear.

These are just a few of the benefits of having your water treated. Worried about cost? A superior Metro treatment system will pay for itself with cost-saving benefits including your water heater will become more efficient, you won’t need harsh detergents to wash clothes, you’ll use less shampoo and soap, and you’ll have clearer, clearer water for drinking and cooking. Learn more about our water filtration services.