Acidic water is a very destructive force that all homeowners and businesses should be cautious and prepared for. Acid water is water that has been tested to have a pH lower than 6.8. Neutral water, or safe water, has a pH of 7.

Acid Water Could…

  • Eat away at pipes (both metal and plastic)
  • Cause leaks in faucets, valves and washers and can even cause them to run continuously
  • Destroy sink faucet and drain fixtures, tub faucet and drain fixtures, and any metal parts in toilets
  • Harm You
  • Corrode copper and metals

Damage caused by acid water can be very expensive and frustrating. It can disturb the balance in a well functioning home or business with the need for repairs and reconstructions that often get in the way. The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from happening. Acid water filters do just that.

Benefits of an Acid Water Filter:

  • Protects your plumbing, fixtures and expensive appliances – Dishwashers, ice makers, and washing machines are a few of the appliance that are readily damaged by acid water. The acid water filter can protect you from these expensive repair/replacement costs.
  • Protects your pipes from developing leaks – Pipes, valves, and faucets are always the target of damage from acid water. The acid water filter saves you from unexpected plumbing costs.
  • Fully automatic operation – Once the device is set and installed, it does the rest of the work for you, guarding your family’s water day and night.

Our acid filters work by using a neutralizing media filter to make the water that travels through less acidic. In addition to saving you expenses on plumbing costs, we also designed our acid filter to be durable and dependable. With self-cleaning and an adjustable cleaning cycle, our acid filter is very low maintenance making it a high return investment.

An acid water filter is a great way to protect your home or business from unexpected issues. Metro Water Filter also offers on-site water analysis to test the pH of your water. Contact us today to set up an on-site analysis for your home or business.