Why Choose Metro Water Filtration?

Our History

  • Doug Davidson, owner and president, previously minister 25 years, and business office manager for Barrett Dodge & Heyward Allen Toyota
  • He was recruited by the original owner to manage the then small operation
  • Seven years ago after two years of employment he purchased the eastern Georgia territory of the 40 year old company
  • He taught himself the industry and grew the company by focusing on the people
  • The operations manager, Andy, has been with him since early on
  • MWF is currently one of two Ecowater distributors in Georgia
  • Their focus on service as well as sales has been a reason for their success and survival during the tough economic downturn
  • Client base is in the thousands and includes residential and commercial clients across the Southeast
  • Heavy footprint in the Reynold’s Plantation community whose neighborhood is home to the corporate headquarters

Our Purpose

  • The Bible teaches us to love the Lord and to love our neighbors as ourselves. It is from this that Doug Davidson and MWF derives it simple mission to “love and help people”

Our Staff

Certified Water SpecialistCertified Installer

Our staff is trained and certified in water quality diagnosis and filtration system installation. With over 80 years combined experience, our staff excels at providing the best possible solutions to water quality problems – and its GUARANTEED!