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Why does my water taste weird?

There are two common causes of weird tasting water: chlorine and sulfur. Each have a different source but both can be fixed with the right filtration system.  Chlorine in Water If the water in your home tastes a bit like pool water, you’re probably not alone. Most water in American homes has some level of  Continue Reading »

What’s New at Metro Water Filtration

A recent install for a client in Monroe. The well water had several ‘flags’ including Low PH, Manganese, Iron, as well as high levels of Hardness Minerals. We installed the multi-filter system in the pumphouse, and the water is now how it should be- for the entire home!

The Big Event announces 2019 platinum sponsor

Lake Oconee Platinum Sponsor for the 2019 “The Big Event” is your very own Metro Water Filtration team! Please read the article below. Lake Oconee News Article  

Partners & Clients

Partners & Clients

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