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Five Simple Questions to Evaluate The Quality of Your Water

From cooking our meals to cleaning our houses and clothing to nourishing our bodies, there is no denying that water is a precious commodity in our daily lives. Regardless of whether your pipes are connected to a private well or a city water supply, when you turn on the faucet, you need to be able  Continue Reading »

Benefits of Acid Water Filters

Acidic water is a very destructive force that all homeowners and businesses should be cautious and prepared for. Acid water is water that has been tested to have a pH lower than 6.8. Neutral water, or safe water, has a pH of 7. Acid Water Could… Eat away at pipes (both metal and plastic) Cause  Continue Reading »

Is It Okay to Drink Well Water?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 15% of Americans rely on well water as a source of drinking water. There are many benefits to using a well to access drinking water, with one of the main ones being that it is cost efficient. However, many people have concerns when it comes to drinking water  Continue Reading »

The Earth’s Extremes: Where is the purest and the dirtiest water in the world?

When you think of naturally clean water, chances are glacial water in the arctic will come to mind. Think about all the water bottle companies whose brand have a snowy mountain or glacier on the bottle: Aquafina, Ice Mountain, Evian to name a few. The purest natural water ever recorded to date was found in  Continue Reading »

Common Water Contaminants

We all know what dirty water looks like and have had that thought: ‘there’s no way I would drink that!’ The dirty water eye test is a great way to avoid getting sick, but it is not the end-all-be-all test for ensuring your water is safe. In fact, looks can be very deceiving when it  Continue Reading »

Is My Water Safe?

You use it to wash your dishes, to cook, and most importantly to stay hydrated. It is no secret that it’s important to know the water you use every day in your home is safe. The best way to determine your water quality is to have the water directly from your home tested off-site by  Continue Reading »

Why does my water taste weird?

There are two common causes of weird tasting water: chlorine and sulfur. Each have a different source but both can be fixed with the right filtration system.  Chlorine in Water If the water in your home tastes a bit like pool water, you’re probably not alone. Most water in American homes has some level of  Continue Reading »

What’s New at Metro Water Filtration

A recent install for a client in Monroe. The well water had several ‘flags’ including Low PH, Manganese, Iron, as well as high levels of Hardness Minerals. We installed the multi-filter system in the pumphouse, and the water is now how it should be- for the entire home!

The Big Event announces 2019 platinum sponsor

Lake Oconee Platinum Sponsor for the 2019 “The Big Event” is your very own Metro Water Filtration team! Please read the article below. Lake Oconee News Article  

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Partners & Clients

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